Resource Source Info
Custom Tileset
quick easy tileset of bunched stuff
04/14/2014 09:14 PM
Anime Girl RMXP Facesets
Well, Anime Girl RMXP Facesets
04/09/2014 05:51 AM
Jared's bag of goodies
power rangers, icons, sprites, & backgrounds
03/13/2014 08:26 PM
A Whole Lot of Monsters
A large collection of custom monsters.
03/12/2014 04:50 AM
Dreams About Squash - all tilesets, characters, and faces
All of the tilesets and characters I used for my super-short game, Dreams About Squash
02/10/2014 06:33 PM
Generated Heroes!
Generator versions of the VX Ace Heroes... because it's hard to make them match so I did it for you.
01/29/2014 05:43 PM
A series of edited RTP monsters.
01/29/2014 05:27 PM
Ghost versions of all the Ace RTP character sprites.
01/29/2014 05:13 PM
Crypt Set
A series of tile and sprite edits for a crypt-like building.
01/29/2014 05:02 PM
Varied Window Skins
14 Window Skins for VX Ace, created by Liberty.
01/29/2014 04:07 PM
Arab Prince
in Blue and Green!
01/29/2014 02:22 PM
Female Mage
A female mage...
01/29/2014 02:11 PM
01/29/2014 02:08 PM
RTP Profile Views Part 1
Burn my dread? Profile views of RTP characters that emulate persona.
01/29/2014 01:57 PM
Pirate Darius
A funky pirate?
01/29/2014 01:51 PM
Old Lady Fencer
An Old Lady Fencer
01/29/2014 01:29 PM
Resident Evil - Leon S. Kennedy Sprite
The RPG Maker sprite of the legendary zombie kicker.
12/08/2013 04:20 AM
8 bit tileset resouce
For you 8 bit designers =)
10/20/2013 07:01 PM
Facesets for everyone
A few facesets I made
10/06/2013 12:17 PM
VX Cover Hero
An RTP-Style portrait for one RMVX's cover heroes
09/01/2013 04:16 PM

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Facesets, tilesets, battlers, monsters, artwork, animations and the like.
Music and background sounds for use in your game
Sound Effects
Sound effects (pretty self-explanatory, right?)