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Class change system~

  • YF
  • 12/20/2011 05:20 AM

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This script adds the ability for your player to freely change the classes of actors outside of battle from a menu. When changing classes, this script gives the option for the developer to choose whether or not classes have their own levels (causing the actor’s level to reset back to the class’s level) or to maintain the current level. In addition to providing the ability to change classes, equipping a subclass is also doable, and the mechanics of having a subclass can also be defined within this script.

The “Class” menu item can be set to appear with a switch. Likewise, it can also be enabled and disabled through the use of a switch. If you do not wish to use these functions, just set the switch ID’s to 0 and they’ll always be on.

Classes can be changed for both primary and subclasses. Equipping a subclass can have a positive impact on an actor. Most notably, increasing the stats of an actor (by an adjustable rate). For those who wish to hide/show or disable/enable the “Primary” or “Subclass” commands, they can be done so through the aid of switches. Like with the “Class” menu item, setting the switch to 0 will ignore this and always have them appear.

Also note that classes have levels now. Developers can choose to maintain the levels or not, but if they choose not to, the stat boost will be based on the level of the class when equipped as a subclass.

Subclasses can add their skill types to become usable for actors. For example, the Warrior class comes with the “Battle” skill type. By subclassing into a Berserker, Eric gains access to the “Berserk” skill type. This skill type inheritance can be enabled/disabled in the script.

Subclasses can influence equippable items and allow actors to wear items not normally allowed within their class. For instance, Eric as a Berserker can only equip axes. Now, he’s able to wield swords since he subclassed as a Warrior. This can be applied to both weapons and armours. This feature can be disabled within the script.

Have actors start out with unlocked classes instead of having just their primary class available. Since there are multiple ways developers would like class unlocking to be handled, I’ll be including those methods in potential future add-ons for this script. For now, there are script calls you can use to unlock classes:


This allows actor x to unlock class y, making it available for switching in and out in the Class scene.


This causes actor x to remove class y from being able to switch to and from. If the actor is currently class y, the class will not be removed. If the actor’s current subclass is y, the subclass will be unequipped.

cons and help descriptions for classes can be set through the aid of notetags. While these aren’t used anywhere else besides the class change scene, it does add that consistency for the game that you see everywhere else. These tags go into the class noteboxes:

<icon: x>

Sets the icon representing the class to x.

<help description>
</help description>

Sets the text used for the help window in the class scene. Multiple lines in the notebox will be strung together. Use | for a line break.


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