RPG Maker VX Ace

A new status menu layout.

  • YF
  • 12/26/2011 04:18 PM

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This script changes the status screen completely to something the player can interact with more and be able to view actor data with more clarity. The player is able to view the general information for an actor (parameters and experience), a parameters bar graph, the various hidden extra parameters (named properties in the script), and a customizable biography for the actor. Also with this script, biographies can be changed at any time using a script call to add more of a personal touch to characters.

The status menu now provides more detailed information to the player by separating data into various categories for more visual and detailed display. Commands in the command window can be rearranged, removed, and added.

The “General” category under the status menu will display information pertaining to major parameters and experience data.

The “Parameters” category under the status menu will display a bar graph of the actor’s parameters relative to each other for a better comparison of where they stand.

The “Properties” category under the status menu will display all of the hidden parameters that the game also uses. Players will be able to see new stats that weren’t available before. This script is also updated to include various Yanfly Engine Ace bonuses such as cooldown reduction rates, HP cost rates, and more.

Although the actor’s database biography is displayed at the top in the Help Window, the “Biography” window will show the current most updated biography on the actor. For those wondering how to change that, look below:

You can change an actor’s biography description at any time during a game through a Script Call. Follow the example in the window to change biographies.

$game_actors.description = string

Changes the biography description for actor x to that of the string. Use \n to designate linebreaks in the string. If you wish to use text codes, write them in the strings as \\n or \\c to make them work properly.

Advanced users may insert custom categories into the Status Command Window and even adjust what is shown in the display window.


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