RPG Maker VX Ace

The Vocab script is translated to English!

  • Adon237
  • 01/03/2012 07:39 PM
Yay! Now your gam can mak sense! It is translated as accurately as I could get it, more like I switched it around to make sense! Since it is in English, you can obviously change it to fit your needs!


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if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Fixed the script code. :)
How can i change my "My hero attacks" Vocab in rpg maker VX ace? I mean, it can be done in rpg maker vx but in ace i just can't find how i can change it. Can som1 tell me how? Please.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Just a note: This script was intended for the japanese trial version, it really is just a translation of Vocab.

Now how to do what you asked:

If you are referring to the Attack command specifically, just go into the Skills tab and find skill #1, Attack.

Then find the Using Message box, and then you edit the message that appears.
Here is a better English version.
# ** Vocab
#  This module defines terms and messages. It defines some data as constant
# variables. Terms in the database are obtained from $data_system.

module Vocab

  # Shop Screen
  ShopBuy         = "Buy"
  ShopSell        = "Sell"
  ShopCancel      = "Cancel"
  Possession      = "Possession"

  # Status Screen
  ExpTotal        = "Current Exp"
  ExpNext         = "To Next %s"

  # Save/Load Screen
  SaveMessage     = "Save to which file?"
  LoadMessage     = "Load which file?"
  File            = "File"

  # Display when there are multiple members
  PartyName       = "%s's Party"

  # Basic Battle Messages
  Emerge          = "%s emerged!"
  Preemptive      = "%s got the upper hand!"
  Surprise        = "%s was surprised!"
  EscapeStart     = "%s has started to escape!"
  EscapeFailure   = "However, it was unable to escape!"

  # Battle Ending Messages
  Victory         = "%s was victorious!"
  Defeat          = "%s was defeated."
  ObtainExp       = "%s EXP received!"
  ObtainGold      = "%s\\G found!"
  ObtainItem      = "%s found!"
  LevelUp         = "%s is now %s %s!"
  ObtainSkill     = "%s learned!"

  # Use Item
  UseItem         = "%s uses %s!"

  # Critical Hit
  CriticalToEnemy = "An excellent hit!!"
  CriticalToActor = "A painful blow!!"

  # Results for Actions on Actors
  ActorDamage     = "%s took %s damage!"
  ActorRecovery   = "%s recovered %s %s!"
  ActorGain       = "%s gained %s %s!"
  ActorLoss       = "%s lost %s %s!"
  ActorDrain      = "%s was drained of %s %s!"
  ActorNoDamage   = "%s took no damage!"
  ActorNoHit      = "Miss! %s took no damage!"

  # Results for Actions on Enemies
  EnemyDamage     = "%s took %s damage!"
  EnemyRecovery   = "%s recovered %s %s!"
  EnemyGain       = "%s gained %s %s!"
  EnemyLoss       = "%s lost %s %s!"
  EnemyDrain      = "Drained %s %s from %s!"
  EnemyNoDamage   = "%s took no damage!"
  EnemyNoHit      = "Missed! %s took no damage!"

  # Evasion/Reflection
  Evasion         = "%s evaded the attack!"
  MagicEvasion    = "%s nullified the magic!"
  MagicReflection = "%s reflected the magic!"
  CounterAttack   = "%s counterattacked!"
  Substitute      = "%s protected %s!"

  # Buff/Debuff
  BuffAdd         = "%s's %s went up!"
  DebuffAdd       = "%s's %s went down!"
  BuffRemove      = "%s's %s returned to normal."

  # Skill or Item Had No Effect
  ActionFailure   = "There was no effect on %s!"

  # Error Message
  PlayerPosError  = "Player's starting position is not set."
  EventOverflow   = "Common event calls exceeded the limit."

  # Basic Status
  def self.basic(basic_id)

  # Parameters
  def self.param(param_id)

  # Equip Type
  def self.etype(etype_id)

  # Commands
  def self.command(command_id)

  # Currency Unit
  def self.currency_unit

  def self.level;       basic(0);     end   # Level
  def self.level_a;     basic(1);     end   # Level (short)
  def self.hp;          basic(2);     end   # HP
  def self.hp_a;        basic(3);     end   # HP (short)
  def self.mp;          basic(4);     end   # MP
  def self.mp_a;        basic(5);     end   # MP (short)
  def self.tp;          basic(6);     end   # TP
  def self.tp_a;        basic(7);     end   # TP (short)
  def self.fight;       command(0);   end   # Fight
  def self.escape;      command(1);   end   # Escape
  def self.attack;      command(2);   end   # Attack
  def self.guard;       command(3);   end   # Guard
  def self.item;        command(4);   end   # Items
  def self.skill;       command(5);   end   # Skills
  def self.equip;       command(6);   end   # Equip
  def self.status;      command(7);   end   # Status
  def self.formation;   command(8);   end   # Change Formation
  def self.save;        command(9);   end   # Save
  def self.game_end;    command(10);  end   # Exit Game
  def self.weapon;      command(12);  end   # Weapons
  def self.armor;       command(13);  end   # Armor
  def self.key_item;    command(14);  end   # Key Items
  def self.equip2;      command(15);  end   # Change Equipment
  def self.optimize;    command(16);  end   # Ultimate Equipment
  def self.clear;       command(17);  end   # Remove All
  def self.new_game;    command(18);  end   # New Game
  def self.continue;    command(19);  end   # Continue
  def self.shutdown;    command(20);  end   # Shut Down
  def self.to_title;    command(21);  end   # Go to Title
  def self.cancel;      command(22);  end   # Cancel
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
While that is much better, this script isn't really of use to many people any more. :) Thanks though
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