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A more visually appealing shop with the ability to add in custom commands.

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  • 01/03/2012 09:37 PM

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The RPG Maker VX Ace shop scene is relatively basic. It provides adequate information, but not really enough to let the player know what they’re actually buying or even selling. This script enables shops to show more than just the basic information displayed in RPG Maker VX Ace and even allow for custom commands to be inserted.

The item shop now displays more information to the player during the buying process. This is extremely helpful for players as it lets the player understand just exactly what kind of item they’re buying. The display is similar to that of the Ace Item Menu.

When buying an item, gold will be calculated visually to show the player how much gold will remain after the purchase. While yes, players can do this by themselves, but save them the extra step. Games are for playing, not practicing arithmetic.

Selling items will work the same way visually and allow the player to understand what they are selling.

Give items images instead of having zoomed in icons while being shown in the data window above. To do so, insert this notetag into their notebox:

<image: string>

Uses a picture from Graphics\Pictures\ of your RPG Maker VX Ace Project’s directory with the filename of “string” (without the extension) as the image picture shown in the Ace Shop Options.

Custom commands can be inserted, such as equip, which allows the player to equip items while in shop.

To add in custom commands, change the command list in the module and apply the custom command. They’ll show up in the command window if done properly.


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I like custom shop scripts because trading is a big part of my Gothic based game

However I'm looking for a BARTER SHOP SYSTEM but there is nothing comparable at the moment..

I have also a request http://www.rpgmakerv...ter-shop-system and I hope that somebody scripts this as long as I live ;)
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