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Learn skills, Final Fantasy Tactics way!

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  • 01/09/2012 04:42 AM

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For those who want an alternative for actors to learn skills outside of leveling, this script allows actors to learn skills through a learn skill menu. The actor can use acquired JP, EXP, or Gold to learn skills. Skills can also be hidden until certain requirements are met.

Players can access the “Learn Skills” menu from the skill or class menus. To access it from the class menus, make sure your Class System script is up to date and has the Learn Skills command inserted.

A list of skill types and skills that can be learned for each skill type will be shown. Set skills to be learned by using this notetag in your classes.

<learn skills: x>
<learn skills: x, x>

Sets the class to be able to learn skills x through the Learn Skills menu. Insert multiple of these tags to increase the number of skills learned.

Before learning a skill, a menu will pop up to ask the player where to draw the JP or EXP cost from. Adjust the JP cost of skills using notetags.

<learn cost: x jp>
<learn cost: x exp>
<learn cost: x gold>

Sets the learn for cost the skill to require x amounts of JP, x amounts of exp, or x amounts of gold. Only one type of cost can be used at a time. For JP costs, the Yanfly Engine Ace – JP Manager script must be installed.

Some skills can require certain conditions to be met before appearing in the skill list.

<learn require level: x>

Sets the skill to require the actor’s current level to be x before the skill will show up in the skill learning window.

<learn require skill: x>
<learn require skill: x, x>

Sets the skill to require learning skill x (through any means) before the skill becomes visible in the skill learning window. Insert multiples of these tags to require more skills to be learned in order for the skill to show.

<learn require switch: x>
<learn require switch: x, x>

Sets the skill to require switch x to be ON in order for it to show in the skill learning window. Insert multiple switches to to increase the number of switches needed to be ON before the skill is shown.

<learn require eval>
</learn require eval>

For the more advanced users, replace string with lines of code to check for whether or not the skill will be shown in skill learning window. If multiple lines are used, they are all considered part of the same line.

— And that’s all, folks! —

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Excuse me but i want to ask can we make the skill only available for each class ?
Because i have passive skill script, so it's like my actor class is a warrior and he has strength booster skill and if i change my class to a mage, the strength booster will not affecting my mage class. So in the other words, i can only use the strength booster when i'm warrior.
This is 100% accurate to what i've been looking for.
What kind of file is .rb ? How can I get it to work?
Open it with a text editor, then copy the text into your Ace project.
<learn skills: x, x> Does not seem to be working. Am I missing something?
What kind of file is .rb ? How can I get it to work?
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