RPG Maker VX

Best suited for Active Time Battle Systems

This is a revamped version of RPG maker VX's animation data structures. The overall algorithm remains the same, only difference being a single Sprite_Battler object can have as many simultaneous animations playing at the same time, whereas the unedited original could only play one at a time. It also allows for animations loop like for status effects; but that is something you'd have to script in your battle system. It allows for faster animation fps, original animation fps was 15, now it has been sped up to 30.

It can process two distinct types of animation files:
original size animation files and modified size animation files
To use the modified size, just add "Anim" on the file's name.
The modified animation has new dimensions: any width that is divisible by 5 and a height of 240. It also plays at 30FPS.

It is fully compatible with Tankentai (tested on version 3.3d).
Not compatible with Yanfly's Melody Engine or any Engine that overwrites/adds animation processing methods.

If you see any inconsistencies, bugs or problems, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

How To Use:
Just copy and paste above main.

Terms of use: Credit me (Cuauhtemoc)