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Use Notetags to simulate "Features" for static parameter changes instead of percentage-based.

  • prexus
  • 03/18/2012 06:00 PM
Prexus - Static Parameter Changes

Thank you for viewing my first publicly released vxAce script.

Static Parameter Changes gives a vxAce user the ability to grant static changes to various parameters that could only be given percentage changes with vxAce's Features system. These can be applied to the Actor, Class, Equipment, Enemies and States tabs through the use of Note Tags.


Special Thanks for Yanfly for showing me how to do this, and his code that helped me figure it out (and got sort-of lifted ^^;)

By using the notations
<param type: +value>
<param type: -value>

You can have much higher control over how effective abilities, equipment, and states are as well as have new ways to balance game stats, particularly with low numbers.

type should be replaced with one of the following shorthand codes:
mhp maximum hp
mmp maximum mp
atk attack
def defense
mat magic attack
mdf magic defense
agi agility
luk luck
hrg hp regeneration
mrg mp regeneration
trg tp regeneration

and value can be replaced by any number positive or negative (be sure to include the symbol!)

2012.03.19 - Updated to allow Enemies to benefit from the static parameter changes from status effects and to allow the user to use the notetags in the Enemies tab.

License / Terms of Usage Agreement
All scripts created by Prexus for use with RPG Maker VX Ace may be freely used in any non-commercial RPG Maker VX Ace project; so long as credit is provided to Prexus via in-game credit, a packaged "Credit" text file, and on any promotional media (including but not limited to Box-Art, Posters, Commercials/TV Spots, Websites, and "Game Pages"/Forum Threads.) This script may not be distributed or reposted by unauthorized individuals.

By using this script, either wholy or as a base for a derivation, you agree to abide by the terms put forth by the Terms of Usage Agreement.


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amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable
for some reason. my computer can't view the script download. it doesn't know how to read it. :/

and I really wanted to use this script, too.

This script is so awesome, it solved a problem I was having with the way I do stats with my characters. I can't thank you enough.

I have a question for others who use Prexus' script. When I open a shop with weapons, all weapons and armor show no increase to stats, because all stats are increased through note-tags. Is there a way to remove area of the screen where the character stats are shown, or is there a way to have it look at the note-tags instead of the built-in stats?

Thanks for your help ahead of time.
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