RPG Maker VX Ace

Display images or play movies before the title screen appears.

  • sicksinz
  • 04/17/2012 01:13 AM

- Unlimited splash screens
- Play movies for your splash screens.

Should be compatible with most anything but I do not assume compatibility. Use at your own risk.

This script by Steven Wallace(Lethrface) is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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Information about this license can be found at:

This script is intended for use with Non-Commercial/Non-Monitary projects.
If you wish to use this for commercial use or any project that has a
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you use this script for permission.

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I can't seem to get it working, (I'm using RPG Maker VX ACE..)

The game runs correctly, and you can tell it stops for the splashes but it's complete black screen, I'm pretty sure I have the image files in the game, in fact, I have it on System, Titles1 and Titles2 just to be sure.
author=Splashscreen instructions in the script
# Import your splash images to the Title2 folder and your movies
# as you normally would in the Movies folder. After that, modify the
# values in the configuration module below by reading the comments
# and following instructions. The instructions are self explanatory
# so you should have no problems.
# This script should be compatible with any script unless it modifies
# SceneManager's self.first_scene_class function. If it does, I can not
# insure it's functionality.
# If you are unsure what format your movie is supposed to be in,
# please read the help file included with RPG Maker VX Ace.
# I will not provide support to those who do not wish to follow directions.

Also look and make sure you aren't including the file extension (like .png or .bmp or .ogv) at the end. Other than that, it has been 100% bug-tested and the issue is something you personally have done.

The only other contributing factor that could break this is if you have another script that conflicts with this which more than likely would be the SceneManager module (which is also mentioned in the comments at the top of the script which I copy and pasted here for you to re-read).

I tried it too but it don't seems work
It seems odd you two are the only ones reporting any errors and I cannot replicate any problems myself. Are you both using legit copies? Have you checked any scripts to make sure nothing was modifying the scene_manager in any way? Are you only changing portions of the script that are meant to be changed? Also, are you making sure the proper checks for whether the image is a movie or not are made?

These are all things that need to be taken into consideration. I cannot support you with these issues without the ability to look at what you have or without at least knowing what all you are using in conjunction with the script or even knowing the exact issue you are having.
Since this runs before the title screen, it runs before the Y6 engine's screen resize. This makes it look awkward and not smooth when it transitions from the splash to the resized title screen. Is there any way to fix this in either scripts?
Y6 is a VX script am I correct? I don't support VX scripts as I do not own a copy of VX. I cannot assist you with your request.
Hi, I'm trying to make a movie be my splash screen but im not to good with scripts can you please post an example, it would help alot. :D
sicksinz what they are reporting is correct. I implemented your script into my game nothing but black screens so I went to an example project with no additional scripts and still the same error. I am extremely grateful for your hard work as I have been looking for a Logo script for a long time for Ace since converting my original project from VX to Ace.
I have been unable to replicate any script errors. Please read the instructions that are in the script and if you continue to have the issues, make sure you tell me what you have tried and what the results are, step by step. I can't fix an error that I can not replicate. With this script 100% of the issues I have seen have been purely user-error.
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