RPG Maker XP

One slot, instant saving and loading!

  • Redd
  • 09/05/2011 04:41 PM
I have this awesome code I just scripted. It makes it so that when you click load or save, it automatically saves it into slot 1, the only slot, and it automatically loads from that slot also. So if you are planning on your game only having one save, then use this!!


Just replace it with Scene_File. Oh yeah and one more thing, in Scene_Title go to line 49 and replace this:
if FileTest.exist?("Save#{i+1}.rxdata")

With this:
if FileTest.exist?("Save Data.rxdata")

Once again, only use this code if you are planning on having one and only one save file in your game.

If you are going to use this please credit me also. Please! :)