RPG Maker VX

There really isn't much to it: it's a title screen with a few nice additions.


How to Use
Place in scripts, copy over image files or create your own. Examples are provided in the demo.


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Q: I got an error involving the creation of the command window!
A: Delete your original Scene_Title and replace it with this one; the two clash because there isn't a command window to create, but it's still trying to be created!

Credit and Thanks
- Rekx/TheRexion
- Johnny Mercy


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Pretty sexy.
I'll have to play around with it later~
You could also just add the lines:




to the first and last lines of Scene_Title to comment it out and disable it without deleting it altogether.
Whoops, I forgot to take those instructions out when I updated the script. It's no longer necessary.
Hi, I'm new to using scripts and all so this may be a very idiotic question but, when I try to use this script, I receive an error message saying that it "cannot find file Graphics/Pictures/title_bg". In my attempt to fix this, I place a .png image file titled title_bg into the folder listed. If I do this, I get another error refrencing cache line 75 stating that it cannot change Fixnum into string. Can anyone help me with this, because I would really like to use this script.
Huh, I'm not 100% sure about that. Try downloading the demo and see if you get the same problem.

Also, the png file has to have something in it; it cannot be blank, I would think.
Well, if I click on the Demo, it takes to a page on Minus that it claims doesnt exist. :/
Arg, I forget to update the script in the other places I posted it. The demo and the script code have been updated to the latest version.
Hey, thanks. I used the script from the demo and it worked fine. The only thing is is that I had to switch the pictures to the ones in the OldSet folder. Apparently the newer set doesnt include certain pictures like "continue_disabled". Other than that, it seems to working perfectly. Thank you! :)

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