RPG Maker VX

Give users the option to make the game full screen!

This is not mine!
This is made by Dark Gaia, and I have 100% permission to post it here!
Adds an option called "Full Screen" to the Title Screen which makes the game switch to full screen when selected. Good for players who do not know about the Alt + Enter toggle (such as your non RM using friends)
(Note: This is incompatible with other scripts that alter the title screen!)

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There seems to be an error in line 80... :/
There seems to be an error in line 80... :/

I'm no scripter, and I don't have an error showing for that.
Btw more info would help like if it's happening on start-up or anything.
Btw if you've got another script that alters the title screen that might cause some problems.
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