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Embedded window to try tone in game

  • Grimimi
  • 10/08/2012 10:58 PM
The problem is that I am never satisfied at the first try so then I have to recompile the project several times...
With this script, you get (in test mode, only launched from the editor) a test window for the tones in real time.
The key to hide/show the window is F3 by default, you can change it in the Tint_Config module, simpy by editing the KEY value.

I hope this script will be useful!

Render : (this is the french version but i'm publishing the Uk'sversion)

Here 's GitHub


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Looks very useful! Do let me know when the UK version's out :D
The published version 's in UK
But the screenshot 's in french :)
Oh, I see! Thanks.

EDIT: Tried it and got this error:

Line 109 - Syntax Error Occurred
Unexpected '.'
Name = .pack("256")
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