RPG Maker VX Ace

A new battle system for RPG Maker VX Ace

A new battle system for RPG Maker VX Ace. At the moment, It's providing a sideview battle and a language for customizing skills. There will be many add-on in the future to make it better.

- Visualize Battles
- Customize Skills
- Easily Install
- Many add-on
- Free for using and redistributing

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Yanfly (for his ideas from Melody)
Nessiah & EvilEagles (some other ideas)
Many testing guys

- The original language is Melody Language from Yanfly Engine Melody. Be sure to credit him in your games if You use this Battle System.
- All Add-on can be found in above site (in Download Section).
- This Battle System is open and free, You can use it in both non-commercial and commercial projects. Furthermore, You can redistribute your build for free.


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I like what i see in the video but i'm having trouble using the script.

all i get when in battle and trying to attack is "Failed" i can't do damage and it's the same with my enimies all that pops up when I or the enemy does a move is "Failed". please help if Possible or redirect me to someone that can help me.
Could you explain how to use and install it i can't find any side view scripts where someone actually explains what to do, Thanks :P much appreciated
why is it that the engine is working smoothly here but not in the actual demo? :(
Question: How do you make it so the enemies show their attack animation without them moving to the actor? Like in the video, the slimes just flash, then the animation over the actor happens. In my game, the slimes move toward the actors first then deliver the blow.

I've read through the script to try and find the specific action but can't find it.

Much appreciated.
How do you add tp to the characters?
Hi, the domain name with the script expired in April, does anybody have an up to date link for the site, or is this script lost?

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