RPG Maker VX

Well this basically is a requested version of a quest script. Though I think it does things most others do.

Please note this is NOT plug & play there are graphics from the demo that are required.
I give 100% to Sky00Valentine I had no part in making this, and I have permission from sky to post it here.
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Features :
Version 1.0 - (May 27)
- Infinite Amount of Quests
- 2 Category systems working Simultaneously
1. Sorting Quest Type
2. Sorting Quest Progresses
- Can automatically get quest location names
- Can automatically get quest NPC Name
- Still need to be complete List
- Gives Quest Completion
- Skipping or even going back on a task.
- retrying a quest


None So far


How to use
You need the SAATW Script Located in the demo and here
You also need the resources Blank,Failed,Finished,Ongoing,mini_blank,mini_failed,mini_finished,mini_ongoing,Quest_Borders,Quest_
Quest_Borders and Quest_Background are not needed however without them you won't have background images.
Quest_Borders and Quest_Background can be changed to whatever pics you want just make sure the images are 544x416

Instructions & Installation
- Place under Materials

- use this script call to call the script:
$scene =

- Set Max_Current_Quests to the number you want shown on the
quest pages to do list.

- Set Return to the Scene you want to go to when you exit
the Quest_Scene.

- Edit you primary Categories by changing the Categories Hash
category_id => ,
be carefull to leave in the All Category

- Next you should update the Quests_Categories Hash, by adding in
Each of your categories
Category => ,
be sure to add in all of your categories.

- Lastly add in your Quests, this is the most complicated part, only
until you understand the setup.

quest_id => ,

1. Where quest_id is the quests number,
2. Where quest_name is the name of the quest.
3. Where status is do you want to start with this quest when
you start a new game.(true/false)
4. Where Category is the Category you want the quest in.
5. Where quest_information is basically the information
about your quest.
6. Where task is each task you require before the quest is completed.

----- ------------ -------------- ---------- ------------- ------
- Here are the quest commands you can call in game through events.

1. $quest.begin(quest_id,style = 2)
will begin your quest
unless you have already started it. Setting style to
2 will include your quest's npc beginning location and
name. Setting style to 1 will include only the npc's
name. Setting style to 0 will not include either.
(if you want both included you only 'need' to use)

2. $
will list the quest as failed now.

3. $quest.next_task(quest_id)
will move you onto the next task. This is used
to progress in quests.

4. $quest.skip_to_task(quest_id, task)
will skip to a task if the quest is in progress. Set
task to the task you want to be skipped to.

5. $
will return the quests name.

6. $quest.task_complete?(quest_id, task_number)
will return true if you have completed that task and
false if not.
(this works well for conditional branches.)

7. $quest.quest_complete?(quest_id)
will return true if you
have completed the quest and false if you haven't also
will return false if you failed the mission.

8. $quest.redo(quest_id,task = 1)
will let you redo a quest
or just a task. Set task to the number you want to go
(Only works if you failed.)
(If you want to start all over you only 'need' to have)

9. $quest.delete_quest(quest_id)
will remove the quest from
your list all together, and you have the chance to begin

10. $quest.current_step(quest_id)
will give you number of the task you are on.

11. $quest.started?(quest_id)
will return true if you are currently doing a quest.
and false otherwise.

Mediafire (Original download I did not re-upload it or modify it in anyway this is Sky's original download.)

Bugs & Compatability
No known bugs atm please let me know. This is the first script that I actually began implementing a few error messages. That way it is easier to help a user of this script to figure out what is wrong. So there may be a few things that explain themselves.

Unsure on compatibility but I think it should work.

Sky00Valentine for making the script
ShadoweD for requesting script here
//mitchi.exe for part of the background