RPG Maker VX

A SBS for newbies. Very easy to import.

This is widly edited from it's original YEZ format.

What you'll see:
1) Actors now have shadows!
2) Option added to disable SBS provided animations, so no more double animations when using YEZ!
3) Improved victory dance; actors now spin when they hop!
4) Improved actor death visual (found the right place to set transparency!).

What you can't see:
1) Greatly improved handling of battle sprites; now instead adding additonal "actor sprites", each actor's battler sprite holds a sub-sprite for the character, which holds a sub-sprite for the shadow.
2) Fixed blunder with victory dance where the victroy dance update was being called to many times.
3) A few other minor code improvements

So yeah. To import it it's quite simple, go here


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Warning, this HAS to be used with YEZ or Tanketai. It is not a stand-alone script.
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