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Makes events move when the player moves.

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  • 01/20/2013 07:31 AM
Version: 1.0

This script makes events move whenever the player moves, it also allows them to mimic the player or do the opposite.

- Move when the player moves.
- Mimic Player normal or opposite movements. (If the Player moves up event moves down.)
- Set custom mimic directions. (If the Player moves up event moves left.)

How to Use
Instructions are on the script.

Credit and Thanks

Author's Notes
I suggest using the <Player_Move_Wait> since the player can move in ways that can make the event fall behind in trying to catch up to the player.

Only for use in non-commercial games.


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I'm having a bit of trouble with your script. Using anything other than the <Move_With_Player> tag does nothing, but when using that tag you can only use RPG Maker's Autonomous Movement settings. Tags such as the <Mimic_Player_Movement> do nothing because they can't over-ride the Autonomous Movement settings. When using these tags is there something extra that must be done? I've already tried including the <Move_With_Player> and <Player_Move_Wait> tags in conjunction with the other aforementioned tags, but it didn't fix the problem. Please Respond and thanks in advance.
Combining "<Move_With_Player>" with the other tags in a comment should work.

Like so:


But if that doesn't work I have to know if you are you using any custom scripts that might interfere with it or make sure the comments are in the page that is active for the event. Test the script in a new project to see if the problem persists and I'll look more into it.
Nah, I'm not running any other scripts along side this one right now. <Mimic_Player_Movement> seems to be working just fine. I was probably doing something wrong and, in my frustration, didn't even realize it. Now what about the <Custom_Mimic_Direction> tag? I meant to mention this in my initial post. When I use it and define a direction I'd like the event to move when the player moves in a certain direction, it just follows the Autonomous Directions. Thank you again.

Never mind, I figured it out...
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