RPG Maker VX

The color field system from the PS1 RPG

Introduction & Features
-faithfully recreates the skill Color system from the Squaresoft game Chrono Cross
-Each skill is assigned a color (or none at all) through elements, and whenver a skill is used it's "color" is added to the battle's color field. The more of a certain color there is, the more powerful the skill of that color becomes. The field can hold up to a certain number of colors at a time
-An extra bonus (or penalty) if the color field is completely one color
-Anti-colors that negatively affect others

-YOU NEED A CF_X.png for every color in the ICONS FOLDER (CF_0.png, CF_1.png)
-You can just download my icons unless you want to make your own
-Put script above main
Download My Icons Here
Download Demo 1.1 VX Here


Should be compatible with most battle scripts. Nothing was overwritten.

Credits and Thanks
Square Enix for making the game that inspired this even though I've never played it and dislike most of the endings...

Terms and Conditions
Just give credit if used.