RPG Maker VX

A simple long range event activation script that can either run event pages or change self switches

Dart Throw v1.0
By Pyrofiend/Liquid_Pencil

This script creates a dart system, where you throw a 'dart' event, and when that dart hits a certain type of event, it either turns on a self-switch or runs the event page. You can use this to knock out guards, create puzzles, assassinate enemies from afar, and other such wonders!

. Simple button press to throw a dart straight forward
. Dart keeps flying forward until it hits a wall or an event
. Item assignment option - if you don't have the item, then you can't throw darts!
. 'Active' events - Events that run its event page or change its self switches when hit by dart
. 'Wall' events - Events that function just like walls, but can move!
. 'Pass' areas - Areas that the dart can travel through, but not the player!


The dart is thrown, and it flies towards the switch...

The dart flips the switch, and the gate is opened!

How to Use
Put the script below the "Materials" section


# --------Dart events--------
# A dart event is, simply put, the dart you throw. When it hits an active
# event, it runs the event, and when it hits a wall, it disappears.
# To set up a 'dart' event, simply put the DART_NAME somewhere in the event
# name box. Create a second page with the condition 'Self Switch A is ON.'
# Set its move frequency to Highest and turn on the 'Through' flag. Create
# a custom move route with only 'Move Away from Player,' as a condition,
# and have the 'Repeat Action' flag on. Set the event graphic for the 'A'
# page to whatever you please.
# --------Active events--------
# 'Active' events are what the dart will activate when it hits. When hit, it
# will either run said event or activate its self-switch.
# To set up an 'active' event, change the event name to this:
# active_name[method][self_switch]
# active_name: The name that sets up an 'active' event. Can be set in the
# method: Either 'run' or 'SS' without the quotation marks. If set to 'run',
# then the event will run as if you activated it regularly through touch
# or interaction. If set to 'SS', then the event's self switch will be
# turned ON.
# self_switch: The ID of the self switch that will be turned on. Used only
# activate[run][] - When triggered by the dart event, the event will run.
# activate[SS][A] - When triggered by the dart event, the event's 'A' self
# switch will be activated.
# --------Wall events--------
# Wall events behave just like a wall. When the dart runs into it, it will
# disappear.
# To set up a wall event, simply put 'wall' without the quotation marks
# somewhere within the event name box.
# --------Pass Areas--------
# Pass areas are areas created over tiles that the player can't walk through,
# but the dart can pass over. You will need to use pass areas over things like
# pits so the player can't pass over it, but the dart can.
# To set up a pass area, create the area in the event map, and put 'pass' in
# its area name.


Demo v1.0

None yet; will update as questions come along

Credits and Thanks
- Pyrofiend/Liquid_Pencil
- ???nOBodY??? - for helping me twice with a few things in the code

Author's Notes

- This will only be used for free projects - if you plan on making your project commercial, talk to me first.
- This was originally meant to be just for my game. I will only update this script if I personally feel there needs to be more features added, or if there are some good suggestions given to me.
- Don't be afraid to suggest new features! If they're simple enough, I may be able to add it in just for you!