RPG Maker VX

Let's face it, some games are better with one save file.

This is my first script, so it's not the best. Essentially, I needed my own game to have only a single save file, so I edited the file scene and came up with this.

This script will remove the save screen selection menu and instead will show a pop up window that will say "Your game is saved" or "Your game has loaded" depending on where the scene was accessed from and it will play a sound when the window pops up. You'll have the ability to change the message, the window's dimensions and position, the duration of the window, and you can change the name of the file it will save into.
Again, this is my first script. Feedback would be helpful.


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Would this be compatible with a "Simple Menu System" script that allows the user of said script to add and take away things from menus?
Right now I'm using the script, and it added a Songs list(for the Ocarina script I'm using) and a Data button, which is used for Saving and Loading while in mid-game. While I only wanted the script for the Songs list, I decide to keep the Saving and Loading while in mid-game, and would find this useful so that people don't abuse it like save states.
You need to reformat it, and save it.
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