RPG Maker VX Ace

Alters the way all the vehicles behave, by regions or terrain the vehicle may or may not pass through, or land on. Also adds per map vehicle music.

Version 1.1

This script allows you to re-purpose one or both of your ships as land vehicles, rather than water vehicles, by specifying terrains that the vehicles may or may not pass through, and tagging your tiles in a corresponding fashion. Also, you can use regions/terrains to control where you may or may not park your vehicles, and use regions to block a vehicle from going through otherwise allowed terrain, or make a hidden passage way through otherwise blocked terrain.

Directions for use
This is done by doing one of 3 things.

Modifying the lines in the script like so.
These are what you can hard-code as defaults across your game. These can be later
overridden by map note-tags or by event specific scripting. -1 is only used
in the DENY fields, and means DENY ALL UNSPECIFIED, so if terrain 1,2 was specified
as allowed, then DENY -1 is equivalent to DENY 0,3,4,5,6,7.

As shown in the screen shot above, you can use map note-tags to specify values
specific to the map. Here, -1 is also used for DENY ALL UNSPECIFIED. However, in here, -2 is used if you wish to clear your hard-coded defaults for the specific map.

Finally, you can change the allow/deny in your events, using Advanced / Script...
option. Do it like so.
$game_map.boat_allow_region.clear #clears all values.
$game_map.boat_deny_region.push(1) #adds a value.

And once done, the two ways you can restore map defaults, is to either leave and
re-enter the map, or to call in event script... $game_map.reset_passibility

For changing the per map vehicle music, set up these note-tags
<boat music: song>
<boat music vol: 100>
<boat music pitch: 100>

Alternatively, this can be done within events like so.
$game_map.boat_music = "song"
$game_map.boat_music_vol = 100
$game_map.boat_music_pitch = 100

refer to the code in the script for all of the names.


Version History
  • Initial release

  • Added the ability to set boat/ship/airship music per map by note tags or event calls.

commercial use permitted.