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Requires the party to be fully dressed before venturing outdoors.

  • bentelk
  • 07/31/2014 06:00 AM
I am making a slice-of-life sort of game, which will feature very little combat, and instead center around school life and social events. I want the clothes a person is wearing to be important for some interactions (ex: are you appropriately dressed for the fancy party?) and it occurred to me that I would ALSO want to require that the party be fully dressed before going outside! :P

This script covers all of the problems surrounding requiring clothing:

  • Disabling changing clothes when in public.
  • Allowing changing clothes when in private (such as at home, or in a changing stall in a store).
  • A helper method to be used in conditional blocks to check if the party is fully dressed or not (should be used to prevent the party from moving from a private location to a public one).

You will likely want to customize the script in order to choose which equipment slots are considered "clothing". The code, as it is, is set up to require Head and Body slots, but it can be changed to require any combination of slots you want. I have included comments in the script to help with this; it is not that hard :)

To use these features in your events, you will need to add small script blocks:

  • $game_world.in_private whenever the party moves to a private location (this unlocks their clothing).
  • $game_world.in_public whenever the party moves to a public location (this locks their clothing).
  • $game_party.indecent? as the condition for a Conditional Block (using the "Script" option on page 4 of the Conditional Block options) to check if the party is not fully clothed. Should be checked before allowing them to move from a private to a public location.

For example:


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