RPG Maker VX Ace

Use placeholders instead of static images when the image should be determined by actors during the game

This script allows you to use placeholder graphics for your events. The appropriate graphics will be chosen automatically by the engine during the game.

The script is focused on actors and allows you to create placeholders based on an actor's face or the actor's character sprite. Faces are commonly used during event dialogue, while character sprites might be used on the map, either to reflect a member of the party, or perhaps an actor that is currently NOT a member of the party.

Placeholder graphics are useful in situations where the graphics that should be displayed are not determined when you designed the game. For example, depending on the choices that the player makes, the actor that they end up bringing to the final dungeon may be different for each player, and to provide a realistic cut-scene, you want to show the correct face in the messages. If different actors have different dialogues, then it would be better to simply create separate dialogue trees using conditional branches or otherwise, but if the only difference is visual, this is an option.

A placeholder is replaced based on the context defined by the placeholder itself. For example, if an event’s sprite is based on the actor that is currently the leader of the party, then we say the placeholder has a party context, and the engine will automatically grab the party leader and use its graphic for the event. On the other hand, you could have an event’s sprite based on whoever is actor 1, whose graphic may have been created using an in-game character generator.

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