RPG Maker VX

Allows the map to be scrolled to a certain x, y position. Also allows the map to be scrolled to the player's position.

Paste anywhere above Main to use. No set-up required.

Call $game_map.scroll_to(x posiition, y position, speed) in a call script to scroll to position x, y.

Call $game_map.find_player(speed) in a call script to scroll to the player's position.

Call $game_map.clear_scroll to stop any scroll_to or find_player actions. Use $game_map.clear_scroll(false) to stop any current scrolling as well.

Call $game_map.instant_scroll(x,y) to instantly 'scroll' to x, y.

Call $game_map.instant_player to instantly 'scroll' to the player.

This script is free-to-use. Credits are appreciated but not necessary at all.

To wait for the completion of the scroll, use the following loop:

This loop can be called from a common event and in any type of event except for a parallel process will also stop the player from moving.


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if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
This is a very useful script!
Added the ability to instantly 'scroll' the screen to a position.
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