RPG Maker VX Ace

Based on SMT: Nocturne

Press Turn Battle System
Made by: Yami
Edited by: Archeia and Fomar0153

The Press Turn Battle System (PTB) employs the Turn Icon appear in the upper right in either red (corresponding to your enemies) or blue/green (corresponding to you and your allies). For the most part, there will be the same amount of Turn Icons as there are units on each side. Generally, every action consumes one Turn Icon. When all Turn Icons are used up, the phase switches to the other side and continues until the battle has ended. The Turn Icon issued at the beginning of each phase is always a "whole" icon, but depending on the result of the action, the whole icon may turn into a "half" (blinking) icon, effectively increasing the number of actions one side can take within that phase. However, a failed result will always consume more Turn Icons.

In Digital Devil Saga series, the combo skills require two or three icons, depending on how many participants required to perform the skill. If the remaining icons do not suffice (regardless of whole and half), the combo skill is not executable.

When the effective Turn Icons exceed the size of the team due to passing, scoring critical hit, etc., the action order will rewind back to the teammate who acted first and continue until all Turn Icons deplete. In Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei IV, the action order is dictated by the agility stats of all combatants of one side. In Digital Devil Saga series, player can manually arrange the order, regardless of the agility.
Some battle units may possess more than one press icon such as most bosses. In Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, most bosses and semi-bosses have two Turn Icons initially. Demi-fiend himself will be bestowed with 1 more Turn Icon by Izanagi and Izanami after finishing the Burial Chamber challenge in the Labyrinth of Amala. In Digital Devil Saga series, some late-game bosses possess even more Turn Icons. For example, Garuda and Jatayu have 3 Turn Icons; Brahman and Satan have 5; Ananta has 7; and Orochi has 8 who tops the ranking.
Many active skills which creates extra Turn Icons of that turn are mostly exclusive to enemies. In random encounter, the enemies who possess such skills usually cast it when it is fought alone.
Action Mechanics
* It is possible to set this up in the script.
> If an Attack has been repelled or absorbed. Or if the party failed to retreat
* Consumes all remaining icons and swaps to the enemy phase instantly.
> If an Attack being nullified or dodged

* Consumes two half icons;
* If both half and whole icons remain but the remaining half icon does not suffice, one half icon and one whole icon are consumed;
* Consumes two whole icons if no half icon remains.

> If an Attack which deals critical damage or exploits the target's weakness
* Changes one whole icon to half;
* Consumes one half icon if no whole icon remains.
> Performing any action with "normal" outcome (hit/missed/resisted)
* Consumes one half icon;
* Consumes one whole icon if no half icon remains.
> Passing turn to the next ally
* Consumes one half icon;
* Changes one whole icon to half if no half icon remains.
> Using the skill "Beast Eye" or "Rage"
* Consumes one half icon to add two half icons;
* Consumes one whole icon to add two half icons if no half icon remains.
> Using the skill "Guardian's Eye"
* Consumes one half icon to add three half icons;
* Consumes one whole icon to add three half icons if no half icon remains.
> Using the skills "Dragon Eye", "Psycho Rage" or item "Impel Stone"

* Consumes one half icon to add four half icons;
* Consumes one whole icon to add four half icons if no half icon remains.

  • There is the priority of the outcome to determine which result on Turn Icon takes place if the outcome of the attack which targets multiple targets is mixed, from high to low: repelled/absorbed > dodged/nullified > critical/weakness > normal/missed/resisted.

  • Effects on Turn Icon which have multiple possibilities for one type of action result are listed in the order from high to low which indicates the priority. Except for attack which deals critical damage or exploits the target's weakness, half icon is always consumed first.

  • There is no real penalty if the remaining icon is less than the actual icons consumed in case of nullified or dodged attack. This means the player can safely use multi-target attack if any one of the opponents nullifies it but the other does not when there is only one icon remains.

  • If the target is both weak/critical and resist to the attack, the weak/critical part takes place.

  • Attack which has its own hit-rate (e.g. ailment or insta-death skills) and is not dodged by the target is regarded as performing action with 'normal' outcome and does not consume extra icon. Also "resisting" (reducing specific elemental damage) is treated as normal outcome as well.


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The all around prick
Holy crap yes! Thank you!
Thank the heavens!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
This is something awesome!

Thank you!
Awesome, but I feel stupid: Do I NEED to download nay parts of Luna or Yanfly Battle Engine in order for this to work? If I copy/paste this normally into the editor it gives a Line 197 NameError and undefined method. This is for the LE PTS script, since I tried doing it using the base and got more errors. I feel dumb; I think I understand how to edit scripts, since I have some experience with this stuff, but honestly not too much. I am using the LE PTR, AdvAICond, PTS Patch 1 and 2 scripts. Thanks.

Okay, got rid of the other things and am just using PTS Patch 1 and 2. When entering battle I get this: Line 62 NoMethodError Occurred
undefined method for ptbn_Actions for BattleControl Module

I'm assuming I do need the YEA Engine to run this, since it has the BattleControl Feature I need?
You don't need Luna Engine but follow the how to install post in my blog for the script order.
I'm experiencing a strange glitch:

If a multi target move hits a target that is weak to the move and another target that resists the move, the attacker is not rewarded the blinking icon. I have the "lose_strong" line set to 0 (:lose_strong => 0,). Otherwise, the attacker is rewarded with an extra turn icon when appropriate, and resisting doesn't take turns away.

Attacker uses Dirt All. It's super effective against Liam, but not very effective against Liam. Attacker isn't rewarded.

Attacker uses Dirt. It's super effective against Liam. Attacker is rewarded.

Attacker uses Dirt. It's not very effective against Jake. Attacker does not lose an additional turn.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or have I potentially done something to the scripts?

Thank you.
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