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Better Title Script

A better title screen script for all, this script replaces the normal title screen and moves the buttons and name! You can edit the location of the commands by going to line 170-171 and retyping the x/y to your liking. This just makes the title screen look better. If you like this ill make more and ill try to keep this updated with more functions.

Can't get the dumb screen shot up here cuz i can't fiqure out where to put them so i can get the link sooo here is a link to the screenshots admins please tell me how!

Update 1: Script Started And Finished


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Pretty simple and I actually prefer the options in the bottom :P To share a picture:
Open your image in a new tab--->Right click the image and choose ''copy image url''--->Press that picture button at the top, between the case and multiple photos--->Paste the link in the box--->Sucess. (Btw I'm not an admin :P)
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