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Bundles together a menu system and a quest log for singleplayer games.

  • mjshi
  • 07/09/2015 12:56 AM
Mobius's Quest Journal 2.0 and Tigerus Fay's One-Player Menusystem
Modifications for compatibility by mjshi
Script credits go to Mobius and Tigerus Fay

(Mobius's Quest Journal (hereafter referred to quest journal) is CC Attribution Sharealike Tigerus Fay's One-Player Menusystem (hereafter referred to as 1P menu and/or one player menu) is CC Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike. This means you can't use the one player menu script in commercial projects, however, you can integrate the Quest Journal into any menu. I will be posting a way to integrate stuffs below this post.)

I wanted to integrate the quest journal into the one player menu for my own purposes, and decided to post it so other people wouldn't have to stare at a combined 1400 lines of code trying to figure out how to mash these two scripts together.

Mobius's Quest Journal and Tigerus Fay's One-Player Menu(system).
Tweaks the 1P menu to list the quest journal and tweaks the quest journal to return to either its tab in the 1P menu or to the map.

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