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single-screen maps with automatic movement between

  • bentelk
  • 07/14/2015 03:12 AM
These relatively-short scripts allow for the automatic movement of the party between maps simply by walking to the edge, without the need to create ANY events on any map.

Note that the script - in this form - requires that all maps be only one screen in size, however it should be easy to remove this limitation, so long as all maps are the SAME size.

A "note tag" must be added to each map, telling that map which maps to link to, in the north, east, south, and west directions. The note tag takes this form:


Where NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, and WEST should be replaced with the IDs of the maps to link to, or 0 if no automatic linking is desired. (Leave out the note tag entirely for no automatic linking at all.)

Gor example, here are the IDs and note tags of 6 hypothetical maps, arranged in a 3x2 grid:


| MAP ID 1 | MAP ID 2 | MAP ID 3 |
| | | |
| <dir: 0 2 4 0> | <dir: 0 3 5 1> | <dir: 0 0 6 2> |
| MAP ID 4 | MAP ID 5 | MAP ID 6 |
| | | |
| <dir: 1 5 0 0> | <dir: 2 6 0 4> | <dir: 3 0 0 5> |

These scripts assume you are happy with a window size of 640x360, and maps of 22x13. As mentioned, this is all changeable, although it will require hand-modifying some of the script.

To see it all in action, along with a full explanation of the code (and some details about how to tweak it), check out my YouTube tutorial for this script:

The code is also available on GitHub (provides slightly-better formatting).

I, the author, release all rights to these scripts to the public domain; no rights reserved; use it freely, without limitation, and at your own risk.