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This lets you customize some aspects of your game you ordinarily couldn't.

  • Red_Nova
  • 08/18/2015 06:08 PM
While you can customize just about anything in the game already, there are quite a few features hardcoded all over the different scripts in the list that you may not know about unless you spend forever hunting them down, which can become quite a pain. This script brings many of those settings together to provide a one stop location to customize certain formulas or settings that you can't do in the database as well as add in some new features you originally couldn't do:

Here is a list of features this script enables you to do:

- Changes the maximum battle members.
- Continues playing map BGM and BGS during battle unless specified by a switch.
- Disables Save and Formation options on the main menu or only enable during playtesting.
- Disables the shutdown menu on the Main Menu if specified.
- Turns on a switch during playtesting only, enabling a sort of "annotation" system.
- Allows Actors to keep their experience points upon changing classes.
- Adjust the limits of how many items you can carry.
- Modify critical damage formula.
- Add/remove states from the target upon inflicting a critical.
- Change the settings for dashing: Speed up, slow down, or permanently disable.
- Change the actor's descriptions using a script call.

Terms of Use:

- Don't repost this on other sites without my permission first.
- Free to modify this script as you see fit so long as I am credited for the original script.
- Free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects so long as proper credit is given.


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There are many different things that makes this script awesome!
Thanks for making this super cool script! Little details like these make the game pop and really help in development too!
The all around prick
Thanks, Jo! I hope this will make things somewhat easier for devs!

So I just noticed that RMN's square brackets logic applies even to the script code link, meaning this script can't do most of what it was promised due to all the square brackets disappearing. I've updated the download to link to a file in my locker, so NOW you can just copy/paste the entire thing and it should work.

Sorry about that!
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