RPG Maker VX Ace

Step on ice. You slip.

  • YF
  • 12/05/2011 03:57 PM

Want slippery tiles without needing to make hundreds of events? Now you can! This script binds slippery tile properties to individual tiles through usage of notetags and terrain tags.

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Bind slippery properties to tiles through notetags and terrain tags. Any tiles that possess a terrain tag that corresponds to a slippery number in the notebox will gain slippery properties.

<slippery: x>
<slippery: x, x>

Sets the tiles marked with terrain tag x to be slippery for that particular tileset. When the player walks over a slippery terrain, the player will keep moving forward until stopped by an object or until the player lands on ground without slippery properties.


The player and caterpillar members will keep sliding forward until they hit an object or land on normal ground. The slippery properties are exclusive to that particular tileset used so remember to load up the tileset with slippery tile properties if you want your player to slide around.


In case I forget to upgrade the RMN version, view the blog page here.