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A script that can generate actors, either individually or in mass quantities

This code allows you to generate actors using an event. Just place this function in your script below any of the default scripts but above Main.
To call the script, put make_actor("name",#,"character",#,"battler",#,#,#,#,#) in a script event, with the fields filled with the proper info (e.g. make_actor("Aluxes",1,"001-Fighter01",0,"001-Fighter01",1,1,5,13,0) will make a duplicate of the default Actor 1).

You may be wondering "What could I possibly use this script for?"
If you wanted to make randomly generated actors, you could use this to implement them (though you would still need to write your own script to do the random part). Another use would be if you wanted duplicate actors that appear at different parts of the actor list, such as if you were making a monster catcher (i.e. Pok*mon style) game.

Please note, I have been having issues with an event that allows you to add/remove actors or rename them. For some reason, once the event checks for actors fitting the parameters, any new actors added will not appear in the list, even if I came from another map. I think the problem is with the event, not the script, but if any of you run into a similar problem, let me know!

If you have any questions or you find any bugs, please let me know! I will try to answer your questions/fix the bugs and update the script. That said, it is a rather simple script so there shouldn't be an problems.

I would like it if you credited me, especially if you use this script in a published game.


May the Force be with you!


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does this code work in RMMV this could be interesting for me see for festivals and generate strange crowds.

This code doesn't randomly generate character designs, it assigns a name, class, existing graphic set, & default equipment to a new actor. It can be used to mass-produce identical actors (for generic characters or pok*mon-like characters) or by adding random functionality, it can randomly create new party members using existing graphics. It doesn't work for events, just actors (though with enough tweaking it might be able to work for enemies).

If you're looking to make random characters for a crowd in MV, I would recommend SumRndmDde's Character Creator EX plugin. You can find a link to it on YouTube, just search "SumRndmDde character creator". You may need to figure out how to assign random variables to the script call, but you should be able to turn it into an NPC generator by assigning custom characters to unused actor IDs.

If you don't mind using pre-designed characters, I would recommend using events that have different appearances on different tabs, then use random variables to decide what tab to show. If you use this method, you may want to look into Yanfly's Self Switches & Variables plugin, which you can find on You could also have a single autorun event that uses multiple "Set Movement Route...=>Change Image" calls to assign different appearances to each NPC followed by an "Erase Event" call so that the event doesn't loop over again but will still assign different appearances to the NPCs every time you enter the map.

Sorry about the wall of text. My script here is just for making random actors, it's not a character generator. Thanks for asking though!
thanks for telling and thank you for information that helps me!
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