RPG Maker XP

A script that allows you to set levels for enemies & modefies their stats accordingly

This script causes the enemies' statistics to increase with a level setting. The script allows users to set the enemy level using a variable or using the highest level in the party. By default it is set to acquire the enemy level from the variable with ID number 1.
The level is set by variable using the code on line 46 'return $game_variables[ID]'.
The level can be set by player level using the code on line 49 'return $game_party.max_level'.

You can download the project folder below. I've modified the base stats of most of the enemies in the database to give them appropriate stats for level 1. Note that I did make each group of monsters more powerful than the last so that you have weak mooks, strong mooks, minibosses, & bosses. I've also modified & added troops so that you can encounter mixtures of enemies; you may notice that while the higher tier enemies are stronger than their weaker counterparts, they can still be fought at lower levels depending on what you set their own level to. I've also created boss NPCs on the map; talking to them will allow you access to every troop of that boss's respective type (the troops are grouped by type e.g. Zombie + Ghost*2).

Download project here.

Please credit me if you use this script.


May the Force be with you!