RPG Maker MV

Displays the player's health as a series of icons (one per HP) in the upper-left of the screen.

  • bentelk
  • 01/06/2017 06:11 AM
This plugin (which must be called ZeldaHealth.js in order for options to work), will show the health of a single character as a series of icons in the upper-left corner of the screen. You know: like in a Zelda game.

Which actor, and which icons to use for health and missing health, can all be configured via the plugin's options.

You may also, optionally, specify a list of damage noises which should be played when the player receives damage (one of the noises is selected randomly per hit).

This plugin can work well in combination with my Touch-only plugin, which lets you code events which trigger only when you run into them. Script these events to deal damage to the player upon collision, and you now have a health system which resembles some ARPGs.

If needed, you can switch which character's health is being tracked by calling the following script (from within an event, for example):


instead of "10", use the actor ID for whichever actor you wish to track.

Known Issues:
This script has been coded to account for level changes and equipment changes (in terms of changing the number of health icons drawn), however I have not tested these features much (or in some cases, at all), since I am not using levels or equipment in my game! Further, other things (like gaining or losing status effects) are not accounted for by this plugin! If a status effect changes the max HP of an actor, it may not be immediately reflected by the on-screen health display. I may add this feature later... or I may not... sorry about that :P