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You like FF3? And hate those dividing monsters?

  • orochii
  • 12/06/2011 09:51 PM

Maybe a Final Fantasy fan that has played the NES/DS FF3 knows about dividing monsters. So that's it. If you don't know what is it, well, is self-explanatory :P. When the monster is attacked, it will divide. If the weapon has a determined element, that monster not divides. (And later on) If an spell has *element* on it, the monster will divide.
Everything using tags... as I prefer to edit in the database rather than scripting, at least is more comfortable for me :3.
The side-effect (feature number Two!!) is transforming, it WILL work similar to dividing, if *element* is/isn't on the weapon's element pool, blablablah. But for now, it just works as spell (mimicking the RM2k3 style) or as monster property (doing it more reliable I think).


Inclusion of tag-based monster properties: dividing and transforming.
Transforming includes spell/property functionalities.
Dividing includes "Don't restore HP" (copies actual HP value from original) and "Element ID" properties.
The "Reverse Divide", meaning that instead of the element nullifying division, it will cause it on the monster.
"Ultradivide" property, it simply does that the monster, even if collapsing, will divide itself before. NOT compatible with "Don't restore HP", since it would make 0HP monsters (simple to repair, but maybe later, as the non-compatibility with reverse-divide haves my attention by now, and now I said it :P).


English releases
DEMO and script txt
DEMO only

Spanish Releases - Huh... well, as this exists, i will leave it here.
DEMO and script txt
DEMO only

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: DEMO and demo with txts include the Queex Tagnotes module script, so if you don't have it, well you can get it there. BUT remember to make a little effort to look some original post of it, if you can, as a token of appreciation for his work ;).


NÂș1-Put script above Main (see non-printed-nor-released documentation, figure 1),
-BUT remember to include the Queex's Tagnotes above this script.
-That's it, now use tags on notefields and stuff and you're ready to be rumble'd!
(not really, at least if your game is well-balanced in terms of monsterVSheroes stats ;D).


Not fully compatible (sadly) with Tanketai (transformations doesn't work on it, as the enemy graphic doesn't changes). I will try try try! to fix it, as compatibility blablablah.
If not compatible with other battle system, I will commit suicide let me know it please ;).

Credits and Thanks

Thanks/credits/creditcard (that last is not to be there) to Queex for his Tagnotes, as it is the... heh, core of this system. That saved me time investigating how to do it ;), and also made me more optimistic, as is easier to code with some help :3.
Also I give my thanks to TywinLannister, as I (hopefully) said, this script, apart from my lil', comfortable and very appreciated NES FF3, was inspired by seeing his BOF3-mimicking scripts.

Author's Notes

This will be updated, so stay sync ;D... well you can get some sleep and eat, but not more than that!
And... uhhh, well, that's all.
Other important note: If you see that english is not well used, excuse me, my native is spanish (I'm not Spanish, I talk it). Also, if something has stupidly sadly not been translated, sorry, I forgot. If you point me, I will translate it if it makes you happier xD (talking about MY script, don't send me spanish text for your homework xDDD, also a joke ;D).

Terms and Conditions

This script is meant to be used below Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

But anyhow, you can still use it without putting me on a great pedestal and making some sacrifices (TRANSLATION: don't need to make a little credit scene with my name between that host of others), as you say me a little thanks I will be pleased :). Even if I'm dead xD... anyway.