RPG Maker VX Ace

Add, remove, and reorganize commands to your main menu in Ace!

  • YF
  • 12/09/2011 02:47 AM

The menu system in RPG Maker VX Ace is great. However, it lacks the user customization that RPG Maker 2003 allowed. With this script, you can add, remove, and rearrange menu commands as you see fit. In addition to that, you can add in menu commands that lead to common events or even custom commands provided through other scripts.

This script also provides window appearance management such as setting almost all command windows to be center aligned or changing the position of the help window. You can also opt to show the TP Gauge in the main menu as well as in the skill menu.

Download Script


Adjust various visual aspects for your windows such as help window location, command window alignment, and more. The settings are adjusted within the script’s module.


Add, remove, and rearrange commands in the main menu to your liking. Include even common event or custom commands. Common Events and Custom Commands must be properly adjusted in the module to work. See below:


Common Events and Custom Commands are managed straight from the module and are integrated into the main menu with ease. Here, you can set what display name will show up for the command, whether or not it can be disabled (and if it can be, disabling will work through a Switch), and the Event ID or Handler Method used.


If I make updates and forget to update on RMN, visit this blog page for the updated script.