* @plugindesc Shows MP/TP units on ability cost (ex: "3" becomes "3MP")
* @author Ben Hendel-Doying
* @help
* Also, don't worry: if you configured your game to display "MP" as something
* else ("Mana", "Vitae", "EP", etc), that will be respected.
* If you'd like to customize the labels further, feel free to edit this plugin.
* It's quite simple, and there are instructions inside on how to make changes.

Window_SkillList.prototype.drawSkillCost = function(skill, x, y, width) {

if (this._actor.skillTpCost(skill) > 0)

// TextManager.tpA contains the "TP (abbr)" value from the "Terms" screen in RPG Maker
this.drawText(this._actor.skillTpCost(skill) + TextManager.tpA, x, y, width, 'right');

/* if you'd rather use something else, alter the above this.drawText line, for example:

this.drawText(this._actor.skillTpCost(skill) + "Mana", x, y, width, 'right');
this.drawText(this._actor.skillTpCost(skill) + " Mana", x, y, width, 'right');
this.drawText(this._actor.skillTpCost(skill) + "EP", x, y, width, 'right');
else if (this._actor.skillMpCost(skill) > 0)

// similarly, TextManager.mpA contains the "MP (abbr)" value; replace it with whatever you want:
this.drawText(this._actor.skillMpCost(skill) + TextManager.mpA, x, y, width, 'right');