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Manage your TP system with FFX style overdrive modes.

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  • 12/09/2011 02:52 AM

The TP system in RPG Maker VX Ace is actually rather limiting. A lot of the system is hardcoded in giving Ace users very little control over how much TP gain a battler can receive from particular actions and situations. This script gives you the ability to adjust how much TP actors will acquire from various actions, different TP modes, and letting players select and pick what TP mode they want for each actor (akin to Final Fantasy X).

Download script.


Bind the TP Mode menu item to a switch. When that switch is on, the TP Mode menu appears. This switch number can be changed in the module.


Players can change whatever TP Mode they want to use for that particular actor as long as that actor has access to it (and therefore, has that TP Mode unlocked). The currently activated TP Mode for the actor will be highlighted.


Players can unlock TP Modes for actors through using items or skills. Insert the following notetags into the notebox of an item or skill.

<unlock tp: x>
<unlock tp: x, x>

When the player uses that item or skill on an actor, that actor will learn the specific TP Modes.


Actors can also unlock TP Modes as they learn new skills. Use the following notetags inside of a skill notebox:

<learn unlock tp: x>
<learn unlock tp: x, x>

When an actor learns a skill with this notetag, that actor will learn TP Mode(s) x making it available to change in the TP Menu.


Through script calls, you can manually unlock TP Modes for actors.

change_tp_mode(x, y)
unlock_tp_mode(x, y)
remove_tp_mode(x, y)

Replace x with an actor’s ID. Replace y with the desired TP Mode to be altered.


Set which TP Mode each actor starts with and which modes actors have unlocked from the beginning through notetags.

<tp mode: x>

This sets the actor’s default TP mode to x. If this tag isn’t used, the default TP mode will be set to whatever the module uses as default.

<unlock tp: x>
<unlock tp: x, x>

This unlocks what TP modes the actor can use by default. If this tag isn’t used, the default unlocked TP modes will be whatever the module uses.


Enemies can use different TP modes, too! In fact, set up different TP modes specific for only enemies to have interesting battles.

<tp mode: x>

This sets the enemy’s default TP mode to x. If this tag isn’t used, the default TP mode will be set to whatever the module uses as default.


Set different formulas for each TP Mode. There’s a number of options available in the module. I highly recommend that you go through each of the options to configure the TP system for your game to your liking.


In the event I forget to update this script on RMN when there's an updated version of the script, visit this blog page for the updated version.


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It's nice that this allows an increase in the TP cap but how do I change the engine's cap of effectiveness from 100 to something higher(example: My character has 300 tp available but my moves can only consume a maximum of 100)? I'm also stuck with TP percentages being relative to 100TP as opposed to my character's maximum at 300.

I have a problem with the script "Yanfly Engine Ace - TP Manager".

When I set the type "Victory" or "Coward " if I win the battle or flee gives me an error like :

You know what it depends on or how can you solve ?!?
I Also tried on a new project, but does not work
Is it possible to get a another download link here? This would fit perfectly with my game. But if not I understand.

~Thanks, many great scripts by the way.
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