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Display enemy actions in combat

This script makes enemies' chosen actions visible in combat, so that the player can adjust their tactics accordingly.

From a game design perspective, this lets you include interrupt abilities and makes the guard command more useful.
It does give the player an advantage, but that's an opportunity to design more interesting encounters.


It is compatible with battle systems where enemies choose their actions at the start of the round (e.g. default turn based). For tick based battle systems like ATB, it would require the enemy action to be selected in advance, not when their turn comes up.


The default configuration makes all enemy actions visible as in the screenshot.
This can be switched on or off with the ShowDefault configuration.

States can be used to override the default, the ShowState configuration sets a state ID for which enemy actions will always be shown if they have that state. The HideState configuration does the opposite, enemy actions are never shown if they have that state.

Note tags on enemies in the database are another option.
Whatever you put in a <telepathy:> note tag will be evaluated as javascript, so you can extend the script by calling another script or built in function.
Or simply use <telepathy:true> or <telepathy:false> to turn on / off display for that particular enemy.

If you find the enemy intent text colliding with other windows such as a battle HUD or windows created by another plugin:
Use X/Y configuration to apply an offset (e.g. to avoid HUD elements anchored to the battlers).
Use ScreenBorder configuration to prevent the enemy intent being drawn close to the edges of the screen (e.g. to avoid the battle log or HUD elements)

Update History:
1.0: original release
2.0: configurable screen border for Luna MV compatibility
documented dependency on YEP_BattleEngineCore
3.0: Rewritten to depend only on core scripts.
Added window background option
Added dynamic positioning to avoid state icons only when needed


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Hi there,

This plugin doesn't seem to work, unfortunately. I followed the instructions in the plugin itself, and tried it with both my current project and a blank project (to see if other plugins were causing issues) and couldn't get it to work in either. I also tried using both the latest and an older version of RPG Maker MV.

Thoughts? This plugin would be essential to my game, and so I'm hoping I can get it running. Thanks.
Two things to check:

1. Save the file as "CC_Telepathy.js" in the js/plugins folder (unfortunately the filename matters in MV, otherwise the plugin manager won't return the right parameters)

2. Check you've copied the whole script code, unfortunately if you save the link on RMN you'll get a html page instead of the script.

(view script code, select all, copy, paste into text editor, save file)
It worked! The name had an extra character in it. Thanks for the response.
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