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According to some furry Elder Scrolls fan, it's known as Bound Weapons or Armors.

  • kyonides
  • 01/24/2019 07:01 AM
KSummon XP
Kiwi + Mango + Maracuya Versions

by Kyonides-Arkanthes


Go to hell! Nah, just kidding! XD

This scriptlet will allow you to set a summon weapon or armor skill. It would allow a mage or cleric summon it in order to help a fellow comrade in battle improve his or her attack stats. Still, you gotta know it might fail and leave the comrade in a difficult situation by not equipping a decent weapon or body armor, if any...

According to some furry Elder Scrolls fan, it's known as Bound Weapons or Armors... I have never played it so it was impossible for me to even imagine it was kind of popular there.

It is possible to enable a sprite to pop up right when the summon was successful by telling you its actual name. (Even so I dislike this option to be honest with you.)

Since Maracuya Version...

You now can let monsters change your heroes' equipment! But that's not all they can do! They might be allowed to set a state on a hero preventing him from casting a spell to get a better piece of equipment. Unless that hero isn't a mage, that means some serious business, guys! Shocked

Wait! Don't leave! There's more I got to tell you! There might be a way to setup some sort of recoil if the afflicted hero uses a weapon! Darn Recoil State! Laughing + Tongue sticking out


Default XP Battle System
Brenda's Visual Battlers
Action Cost System
Agility Based Battlesystem
MakirouAru's ATB
ParaDog's ATB
Cogwheel's RTAB (without popup message)

Q: Why did you make it if... (followed by some complain)
A: Well, I don't care if you like it or not, I crafted it just because.

Q: Is it compatible with my custom battle system?
A: How the hell should I know? Laughing + Tongue sticking out Just go and test it yourself and later on send me some pm telling me all about it so I can add it to the BS compatibility list.

Terms & Conditions

You must credit me for making the script.
All versions are free for commercial and non commercial games, but I will ask you to pay a small fee in case you go commercial.