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Random Battles now display an Enemy sprite on the map!

  • kyonides
  • 01/24/2019 07:08 AM
RandomEnkounters XP

by Kyonides-Arkanthes


This scriptlet adds a very simple but curious feature to your game mechanics, it shows one of the semi-randomly generated monsters that could emerge out of the blue every other hero's step. Once this happens the hero can't do much about it but turn around in desperation possibly. Later on the player would listen to some "I'm here" or "Come and get me" or any similar (customizable) sound effect just a few moments before the battle starts.

After a short discussion about my script I added a new feature that allows the game dev to set a custom animation when the enemy trooper shows up. (I haven't tested it yet, though.) Let's say some furry wolf convinced me to add it. Honestly I think I'm kind of spoiling forum members or visitors lately by adding more and more features to scripts. I hope interested people really appreciate it.

Actually, this script is not recent at all, but I upgraded it in January after it remained dormant for about two or four years.


To me, Kyonides-Arkanthes, your dark scripter. XP

Terms of Use

It's free for use in any kind of game, but I will request a small payment from you if you include it in a commercial game. Just don't forget to add me to your credits list.