RPG Maker VX Ace

Creates a menu-based fast travel system.

  • Marrend
  • 05/27/2019 01:13 PM
Marrend's Teleport Script
A RPG Maker VX Ace script made by Marrend. Furnished to the RPG Maker Network community.

Points of contact:
On RPG Maker network: Marrend
I am usually online on this site. It's like a second home to me. Thus, a private message through this site, or a comment on the script-thread, is probably the most sure way of contacting me with questions regarding this script.

Through e-mail: (listed on my profile)
I try to look at my e-mail once a week, but, I've been known to leave it for longer periods of time from various circumstances. Please exercise patience!

Terms of use
As far as I am concerned, one may freely use this in any commercial, or non-commercial game. All I ask is to be credited by my user-name (ie: Marrend)!

The purpose of this script is to duplicate the "Teleport" style of skill (or item) from TsuK/2K/TsuK3/2K3. This essentially means that, whenever player would access the item/skill, it would call up a window with a list of various places you can go to.

The intent here is to have an item/skill call a Common Event, which then calls this script. That is not to say that you cannot associate a main-menu selection with teleportation. Regardless of the method of getting there, to call the teleport window, the code would look something like...


The list of locations players can teleport to is stored as an array, as defined in the script itself. You may find the list definition located under the "Section 2: Locales" label in the script comments.

The names of the locations use the "Display Name" field, as defined in the Map Properties, or display "Location locked!" if a location cannot be teleported to at whatever point in the game. If you wish to lock (or unlock) certain locations as the game progresses, the code to use would be...

$locales.set_lock(array_id, boolean)

...where "array_id" is the item on the location list to lock/unlock (remember that the first item in an array has an id of "0"!), and "boolean", as a true/false flag determining whether or not the location is available (true) or not (false). This line will change the name displayed for the location, as mentioned above.

My memory might be a tad fuzzy on this, but, this particular script is used, in some capacity, in the following games:

Okiku, Star Apprentice
Nakaishi Wars
Might be Magic - Stolen Love
Baclyae Revolution
A Half-n-Half Affair
Bunker 9

Be that as it may, I will still provide a small demo for this system, here.