RPG Maker MV

Use more than 10 animated state overlays in sideview battle

RPG Maker MV side view battle system lets you give animated graphical overlays to your states.
However you're limited by default to picking one of 10 options from a drop down.
If your game has a lot of states, this might not be enough for you.

This script lets you extend that to any number, limited by memory and image size.


First you need to edit the "states.png" file in img/system.
The default file has 10 rows and 8 columns, with each cell in the grid being 96x96 pixels. When using this script, you will resize the image vertically to add extra rows.

Second, you need to add meta tags to the notes field of your states.
to set the row to n, for example:
would select the 12th row in the file.

The meta tag overrides anything selected in the drop down, so you can use this for all of your states if you prefer.

Terms of use
Commercial Games: OK
Attribution: Please credit as "Coelocanth"