RPG Maker VX Ace

Start the game as if you had run a "fade out screen" command

Usually, when you start a new game, the map is drawn before your autorun events start to execute. The player may see the map briefly even if you immediately cover it with a full screen picture.

If you wanted your game to begin with a scene before the map appears, this can be worked around by creating an empty map.

This script is an alternative if you don't want to do that, for example when making one map games.

Install this script between Materials and (Insert here), as usual
On your map, have an autorun event that runs the "Fadein Screen" command when you are ready for the map to be displayed.

Script calls:
will instantly fade out the screen.
If you're using another script to skip the title screen entirely, you can insert this call in an appropriate place to blackout the screen.

Terms of Use
Commercial Games: OK
Attribution: Please credit as "Coelocanth"