RPG Maker VX Ace

Animate face sets or change face in the middle of a message

This script allows you to set up an animation loop to update the face automatically as text is displayed.
Alternatively you can use message codes to switch face on the fly in the middle of a message being displayed.

Demo using a face set created by Avee


Place the script below "Materials" in the script editor. If using Ace Message System, place this script below it in the list.


There are some constants in the module CC_FACE_ANIME section of the script, which you can adjust to your liking. The default values are as used in the demo gif.

Pay attention to the AUTO option, depending whether you intend to animate every face in the game or save it for special occasions.


Create an animation loop of up to 8 images and save it in a face set. Animations are played in a loop starting from the face image you selected in the editor.

Enable or disable animation using the \me or \md message codes, to override the AUTO configuration.
Use the \mc message code to change the number of frames in the animation or the interval between frames.
Note that higher intervals slow down the animation - it is a divider for the true frame rate of the game.

For more message codes, read the detailed instructions at the top of the script.

Terms of Use:

This script may be used in your games, including commercial.
It may not be re-sold other than embedded in a game.
Please credit as Coelocanth.