RPG Maker MZ

itle logo allows you to replaced the text title to a title logo without sacrificing size and redesign your title screen image.

MJM Title Logo Plugin 1.0 (for MZ)
Based on the old MJMJS - BASIC title logo plugin now comes a MZ version which is recoded for MZ complete compatibility

NOTE: It is recommended to use this version instead of the MV version due to how RPG maker MZ handles images.

Insert Image to the titlescreen

How to use:
Plug and play. follow the given parameters requirements. in the plugin settings.
Please make sure that the "draw game title" setting is disabled.

This plugins should works with any plugins that uses Scene_title.

But if it doesn't work or break the game send a comment below and I can see what going on.

if using this script please include "Jomarcenter-MJM" or "MJM Creatve Works and Ideas" in the credits

Terms of use:
can by use in any project commercial or not (including R-18 Games) for free.


Special thanks:
the people from lunatechs community for helping me in figuring out some bugs in the plugin.

Support me:
Crediting me is nice but I need a cup of coffee from time to time. If you have any money your welcome to donate to my ko-fi page at https://ko-fi.com/jomarcentermjm