Title Source Info
Animation Resizer
Resize animations without the tedious work.
09/07/2011 09:56 PM
Element Attack Armors
Adds elements to your attack through armor.
09/07/2011 09:54 PM
Lucky 7777
Deal some massive damage.
09/07/2011 09:46 PM
Terrain Battlebacks
Have terrain battle backs like in RPG Maker 2003.
09/07/2011 09:42 PM
Quest Log
I heard you like keeping track of quests. So here.
09/07/2011 09:38 PM
VX Anti-Lag
VX Anti-Lag version
09/07/2011 09:32 PM
Chrono Trigger Skill Learning
Skills like in Chrono Trigger.
09/07/2011 09:31 PM
Terrain Step Sounds
Make sounds when you walk on stuff. :3
09/07/2011 09:28 PM
Item Storage
Store items like a baws, or like in the Elder Scrolls.
09/07/2011 09:26 PM
More Self Switches
FInally, more self switches. :3
09/07/2011 09:20 PM
Achievements Script
Achievements for yo game yo.
09/07/2011 09:18 PM
One Game Instance
Prevent multiple instances of your game to be opened.
09/07/2011 09:14 PM
One Game Instance
Prevent multiple instances of your game to be open.
09/07/2011 09:14 PM
Garden: Auto-Battle
Auto Battle Modifications
09/07/2011 09:04 AM
Confusion walk
Switches the movement on the map to opposites when a character is confused.
09/05/2011 09:33 PM
Weapon unleash
Let's a weapon randomly use a skill instead of an attack.
09/05/2011 09:06 PM
Lufia II Enemy Movement
Makes events on map move with the player
09/05/2011 08:54 PM
Vehicle maps
Allows you to make maps for your vehicles (Boats, Ships etc)
09/05/2011 08:28 PM
Gradual leveling
A script that makes it so your stats change as you gain experience.
09/05/2011 07:45 PM
Idle title intro
A script that allows you to start in a map after idling in the title screen for a set amount of time.
09/05/2011 07:39 PM