Title Source Info
Item Checker plugin
Gives you a list of items based on their "occasion" or 0-cost setting so you can see if any are incorrect.
02/01/2017 01:39 PM
Always Get Off Vehicles with "Player Through ON"
Allows you to get off vehicles on ANY terrain if Player Through is turned ON.
01/07/2017 10:10 PM
Companion plugin for my WorldWeather plugin, used to define the behavior of your zones/biomes.
01/07/2017 05:52 AM
Weather controls for your entire game world, with different "zones" (or biomes). Requires MOG_Weather_EX.
01/07/2017 05:50 AM
Displays the player's health as a series of icons (one per HP) in the upper-left of the screen.
01/06/2017 06:11 AM
Makes Event Touch and/or Player Touch events trigger ONLY on touch (configurable)
01/06/2017 05:39 AM
Allows you to cause the player to spin uncontrollably, even while moving!
01/06/2017 12:53 AM
Allows you to link specific edges of specific maps to other maps, even when map sizes are different. (And without ANY events!)
01/02/2017 03:51 AM
Characters use a different sprite set when climbing.
01/01/2017 10:11 PM
No Pulsing Cursor
A dead-simple plugin that makes the cursor color solid, instead of pulsing.
01/01/2017 06:25 AM
Character Offset
Allows you to tweak the pixel position of character sprites, to better-center their feet within tiles.
12/31/2016 04:39 PM
HP Color Controller
Customize the colors of the HP bar.
12/10/2016 06:31 PM
Show battle animations for skills targeting heroes
By default, only sound effects are played. Show them centered on the screen instead.
12/04/2016 06:16 AM
Using Patterns for Animating Events
Using Patterns for Animating Events
11/15/2016 09:25 AM
Enemy Levels
A script that allows you to set levels for enemies & modefies their stats accordingly
11/14/2016 03:30 PM
Message Box Icons
Addon that lets you draw icons of items, weapons, and armors in the message box.
10/02/2016 06:30 PM
Dark's Dowsing Machine (Pokemon)
Simple Dowsing Machine script for VXA
09/19/2016 03:54 PM
DoubleX RMMV Status Bars
Lets you use bars to show battler statuses on their sprites
09/16/2016 06:02 PM
Super Simple Menu
A Clean one-person menu
09/16/2016 12:40 PM
Talk To Follower
Fairly self-explanatory title. Allows the player to talk to their party member(s).
09/07/2016 12:36 AM