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A4 Passability Adjustment
Removes that weird thing of walking on rooftops.
12/24/2018 07:57 PM
Legend of Zelda-like maps (without events!)
single-screen maps with automatic movement between
07/14/2015 03:12 AM
Kai Monkey's Random Dungeons
Add unique, procedurally generated dungeons into your game!
06/10/2015 12:11 AM
Direction Fix Button
Enables strafe movement and back stepping for the player when a button is held down
01/17/2015 05:54 PM
Basic Fog System
Display up to 3 fogs per map with multiple settings per fog.
03/04/2014 05:20 AM
Tiny characters for overworld maps
allows you to tag maps as "minimaps", whereon the party uses an alternate spritesheet
02/13/2014 03:44 AM
OZ Over-Tiles
Fixes how priority tiles are rendered.
12/12/2013 07:23 PM
Geo Blocks
Disgaea-style Geo Block system (WIP)
11/05/2013 01:49 AM
Region Fog
Create fogs using regions and turn them on or off separately
09/01/2013 08:00 PM
Scroll Screen to Origin
This script lets you scroll the screen to the center by the position of the player.
05/03/2013 04:05 AM
Land Vehicle 1.04
Changes the default Boat vehicle into a Land Vehicle, with some options.
12/02/2012 01:22 PM
InGame Tone Change
Embedded window to try tone in game
10/08/2012 10:58 PM
Quick Travel
This script allows you to set quick travel locations on map.
02/11/2012 06:57 AM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Encounter Rate Manager
More control over encounter rates.
01/24/2012 05:37 AM
Terrain Encounter Rates
Modify default bush/ship encounter rates, and set any terrain id to have its own encounter rate
01/06/2012 01:12 PM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Region Battlebacks
Set battlebacks by region ID.
12/31/2011 06:06 AM
Yanfly Engine Ace - No Encounter Region
Use regions to mark areas that are random encounter free.
12/16/2011 04:25 AM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Move Restrict Region
Prevent NPCs and Players from moving onto certain regions.
12/15/2011 10:22 PM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Force Move Tiles
Tiles that force you to move in a designated direction.
12/09/2011 02:54 AM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Common Event Tiles
Bind common events to trigger upon stepping on certain tiles.
12/05/2011 04:03 PM
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