A small and easy tutorial that will show you how to change your game's font & font size

This tutorial will show you how to change your game's font and font size by only making a few lines in the Script code (RGSS). To do this, open the script editor and scroll down to Main (the script at the very bottom) to begin. Make 2 lines below begin (line 7), and type in this:
To change font, type in:
Font.default_name =

NOTE 1: Make sure you put the font's name that you want to use in quotation marks, for example;
Font.default_name = "Corbel"

NOTE 2: If you try using fonts like MS Gothic Regular (and possibly a few other fonts) in the script will make the font invisible when playing your game. If you experience this problem, try looking for a font that won't turn invisible while playing your game to fix this problem.

To change the font's size, type in:
Font.default_size =

NOTE: If you don't put this line in the script, it will have an effect of having the game's font to be a bit small, but not too small for it to be impossible to read it while playing your game.

Here is an example of this in the script (lines 8 & 9):

I hope this tutorial helps! ;)
Feel free to ask questions and feedback about this tutorial.