A video tutorial on how to import resources

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how to import custom resources into RPG Maker VX Ace using Gimp. It will go through the sizes and dimensions of each resource. It will also show which folder to place each resource into. This tutorial covers: Title Screens, Battle Backs, Faces, Characters, Tile Sets (B/C/D/E), Icon Sets, and how to change resources into black and white.

The following videos are best viewed on YouTube in full screen mode.

For reference:

Title Screen 544 x 416 (Titles 1)
Battle Backs 580 x 444 (Battle Backs 2)
Faces 384 x 192 / 96 x 96
Characters 384 x 256 / 32 x 32
Tile Sets (B/C/D/E) 512 x 512
Icon Set 384 x Any # / 24 x 24 (Graphics / System)